Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why hello there

It's been a while (again). Oops. You see, since I wrote last, my mom came to visit (!). She met the Spaniard and his family, and we spent two weeks hopping around between Madrid, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla, Ronda, and Nerja.
Exploring pueblos in the mountains of Alpujarra
A visit to the Alhambra, of course
Then I spent the entire month of July working (quite literally). Part English teacher, part camp counselor, part baby-sitter. Working a summer camp was quite an experience, and I think we'll leave it at that.

Now the Spaniard and I are back in Granada, trying to find anything to escape the heat. We've had minimal success in the matter hiking at night, and calling anyone and everyone we know here who has a swimming pool.

What's in store for the next chapter? Moving back to Málaga in two weeks, taking the Spaniard with me (for good!), and both of us starting new jobs. We already have a little love-nest rented right smack in the city center. Stay tuned for the adventures of a Granadino and an Americana in Málaga. I'm sure it won't be boring.


  1. So glad to hear your mom came to visit! My 'rents visited last year, and it was so nice to be able to show them around a country I've grown to love.

    Also, major congrats on the new chapter in your life. You must be so excited to move to Málaga!