Monday, February 28, 2011

Life is beautiful

Even after being in Spain for six months, I still have those oh-my-god-this-is-my-life moments. Sometimes I need to stop and remind myself that I really do live here and this really is my life. With only three months left to work I'm definitely sensing my time here dwindling down, and am gladder than ever that I reapplied for a second year. I can't imagine my time in Spain ending so soon. I'm not done yet, nor do I know when I will be.

A few of those moments that make want to pinch myself to make sure it's real:
View from the top of Torrecilla in the Sierra Nieves, just south of Ronda. It's hazy, but that's Africa out there. My legs are still sore from the hike, but this made it worth it.

Fresh paella over an open fire. There's no better way to end a hike.

Part of the group hiking up to Torrecilla.

Skiing for the first time in Sierra Nevada.

One of Andalucía's many gorgeous beaches in Almuñécar.

Breathtaking Canillas de Aceituno where my former flatmate lives.

Did I mention that I'm leaving tomorrow to go spend the week sunbathing in the Canary Islands? Hallelujah for cheap Ryan Air flights and Málaga's plethora of school holidays.

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  1. Um, Amy, I have lived here over three years and still have those moments!