Thursday, February 3, 2011

Myth busted

His facial expression looked something like this, only on a cute 8 year-old
Today when I walked into one of my third grade classes I was attacked by a hug even more exuberant than normal from a boy named Carlos. "¡Seño Amy!" he exclaimed, "He escuchado que en los Estados Unidos hay tormentas muy malas." He had heard about all of the crazy storms in the States and was genuinely worried. He said he was so glad to see me because he didn't think I would be able to make it to work today. Surely my flight would have been canceled in such horrible weather. I stifled a giggle and said "Carlos, cariño, soy de los Estados Unidos, pero ahora vivo aquí en Málaga."

His eyebrows lowered in confusion. He was clearly baffled. I hope he doesn't tell too many others my secret, now that I know I have one. I wonder what else I can get them to believe...


  1. Being less than truthful to our students must run in the family! I had my 7th period class believing that I spoke Spanish today when I asked a student, "Donde esta la tarea?" When he replied that he had not done it, I asked "Por que?"

  2. Haha, that's adorable. One of my friends that taught outside of Paris last year told her students that she was from America, and that it's very far. They asked if that meant she came to Paris from America by the metro.